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AZ Kabel koper verwerking

For over thirty years, AZ Kabel bvba has been the only recycling company in Belgium that focuses specifically on cable recycling. Without sideline activities, we can fully focus on the most efficient and environmentally friendly cable processing possible. This results in constant innovations and optimization of the recycling process.

In the past, the laws regarding waste processing in general and scrap processing in particular were not as strict and delineated as they are now thanks to the OVAM. More than once, electricity cable residues were simply set on fire to reuse the copper. The enormous urge to abandon these outdated, environmentally unfriendly ways of cable processing was the biggest motivation of manager Geert Debacker to take his own direction. With that thought in mind, he founded AZ Kabel. His vision of a new, correct and, above all, environmentally friendly way of cable recycling is still our greatest motivation.

That we are a dynamic and growing company shows itself in many matters. For example, our branch in Tielt was greatly expanded a copple of years back to make room for a new warehouse and two new processing lines. This allows us to process even greater amounts of cable waste and extend our reach.

Because we carry out the processing ourselves, we eliminate intermediaries and can offer our customers an extremely competitive price. In addition, our container service has been adapted for all types of companies. So everyone, from small one-man businesses to multinationals, can sell their cable waste to us.

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