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Hoe gaan we te werk?

Hoe gaan we te werk?

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Environmental friendliness is key!

The natural resources on earth are not inexhaustible. This also applies to the copper supplies. According to estimates, at the current production speed the copper reserves on earth can be completely exhausted by 2050. If production continues to rise, this may even be the case up to 10 years earlier. Recycling is therefore more than ever a necessity!

Recycling not only ensures secondary raw materials equivalent to the primary, it also ensures a reduction in energy consumption and CO2 emissions. The use of secondary material in production instead of mining new ores leads to enormous savings.

milieuvriendelijk recycleren
gratis cotainerservice oude kabels


Are you looking for a simple, permanent solution for all your cable waste, or rather a temporary solution for sites or one-off assignments?

AZ Kabel helps you with all your problems. We also provide an annual overview of all collections.



Your house rebuilt? Garage cleaned up? Or an art project completed?

Come along with your old cable. This is immediately weighed and settled on the spot.

contacteer ons voor uw kabelafval


Are you interested in our services but are things still not completely clear? We are happy to hear all your questions, problems and concerns.


We are available by phone during working hours or send us an email and we will be of the best possible service.

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